Found Money

5-6 Figures / Month Found Revenue

*No Upfront Costs*
*No Ad Spend*
*No Extra Staff*

We fund the whole enchilada


We absorb 100% of the downside and share in the upside.


Don’t pay us until the money we’ve made you hits your bank account.


We jealously protect your reputation.

Our ideal partner...


Is a mid 7 to 8 Figure Business.


Has a list of low-ticket buyers who LOVE them.


Has a high ticket offer that has sold well and actually gets results.

Has program capacity.

We stay out of YOUR way


We have no interest in eating off YOUR plate.


Our goal is to not disrupt what you’re already doing.


We want to ADD another profit center to your bottom line.

we market for humans Testimonials

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"One Day Marcus Anderson May Be Your Guy? A lot of people will make a promise, push their palm out and ask for their payday first. But, if one day…you really need a guy who performs FIRST and only asks for payment after he makes good on his promise? Marcus Anderson is your guy! A lot of people (may) perform with a lot of supervision, baby sitting and constant demands on your time and energy.  But, if one day…you need someone to take some weight OFF your shoulders? Marcus Anderson is your guy! I’ve worked with Marcus closely for over a year as I write this. I come across a lot of talented people, but not many I totally trust. Marcus is the kind of guy I could load up a briefcase with cash, lend him my car and have him take my wife to the bank to deposit it.  I know he’d get it done. If one day, you need a guy like that? Marcus Anderson is your guy."
Travis Sago (Founder)
Big Mojo
“Marcus and his team have done an excellent job of taking our existing offer, doubling the price, and more than quadrupling the size of our program—all from our existing list. No extra ad spend…no extra staff or other expenses. He didn’t charge us a dime until the work was done and the money was in our bank account. He and his team truly care about my reputation and our community. I can’t recommend Marcus and his team enough.”
Jon Gabriel (Founder)
The Gabriel Method
“It's rare when you find someone like Marcus who is willing to risk his own time, money, and resources to massively grow a company's sales and profit margins. I’ve worked with Marcus and the team at We Market For Humans for over a year now and have personally witnessed them consistently creating 5-6 figures per month of “bolt-on” revenue for businesses. Not only does he giga-scale their bottom lines, he substantially improves their reputations in the market—and we all know how crucial a good reputation is to a business.”
Jordan Hall (Founder)
Blink Publishing, LLC
"Marcus and I do business together for a very simple reason. He was a student of mine that far exceeded my abilities. He implements wisely and efficiently and produces ethical cash flowing results and generates real found money that otherwise would have been lost. Plus, he's the kind of guy I'd trust with my wife and kids sailing across an ocean."
Ron Lynch (Co-Founder)
Big Baby Agency
"As a media buyer for coaches with high ticket offers and programs, I’m always looking for ways to maximize my clients’ bottom lines. Marcus and the team at We Market For Humans are masters at creating additional, no-cost profit centers for my clients. With them funding and managing the entire operation, my clients enjoy extra revenue without spending an extra dime or moment of their valuable time—and I look like a rock star for introducing them. "
Liana Ling (CEO)
Power Up Strategy Inc
"Marcus and his amazing team crafted an irresistible offer for our business that 2x’d our price while requiring half the work. I love their business model of “we only get paid when we get you paid”, it’s a win win. Watching the authentic conversations they’re having with our community via email puts our hearts at ease. No arm twisting or manipulation going on, just being a good human who just so happens to be really good at helping people invest in our services. So far they’ve brought in over 75 high ticket clients into our ecosystem, off an email list of “non-buyers”. If you like free money and working with someone who cares about your people as much as you do, hire Marcus and his team."
Stephen Diaz (Co-Founder)
The Rainmaker Family

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