Our Story

We’re just your typical couple who met and fell in love while starting a band together. Naturally, we quit our day jobs as a high school teacher and advertising agency vice president to move across the country to pursue a music career in Nashville–touring all over the country, getting radio play, and recording with GRAMMY winners. Although we loved our experience, we grew tired of eating hot dogs for almost every meal (don’t judge) and living with roommates, so we moved back home to pursue full-time careers in the family business of advertising and marketing.  

Pretty soon we were finding our professional groove, putting butter in our coffee and eating bacon everyday (#keto), and starting the most incredible family you’ve ever seen (in our humble opinions). Not feeling overwhelmed enough with two kids and an exceptional client roster, we decided it was time to leave the nest of the family business (the amazing Impact Media Group) and launch our own company. Which brings us to why we’re all here (including you…yes, you) today. 

To us, inclusivity matters. We are firm believers in equality for all. These beliefs shape our client relationships, how we craft our messaging, and how we live our lives and run our company. While we don’t have to agree on everything with our clients, we choose to only work with clients who we feel we can truly help and who put smiles on our faces when we see their names on our caller ID (and vice-versa).  

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